Early Morning Wake Up and Health

Good morning habits for health, early morning wake up and Health, early morning wake up,
‘’early morning wake up’’ 

What kind of balance is the power set by the system universe? Every item is focus to its axis and time. The universe organized by God teaches us the system of discipline in life. The work of every universe is to be fixed on real time. If the Sun does not rise or delay at its due time, the system universe will be confused include our   system life. God Almighty has also created human nature in the same system. Daytime for humans is allocated for work and other engagement and for night sleep, but in the far-reaching modern world, social media, where we have suffered many social and moral problems, Wake up and keep sleeping until day. The use of vast social media has made our young generation life system contrary to the natural system.‘’early morning wake up’’ 

Those laws who act against nature not only live globally, but also suffer from many mental and physical diseases. In the morning, not only to wake up, but there are many benefits, but God Almighty has performed many blessings in the morning.

Benefits of Early morning: 
One of the Sun is also given to God, whereas God Almighty has provided many blessings. Which man receives a lot of benefits, including the acquisition of vitamin D. In the morning, man gets vitamins from the sun's rays. When the sun goes up early in the morning and release to the sunlight and ultra-violate rays quickly, a mixture of the skin removes nitrogen oxidation, which reduces blood pressure. In addition, the sun rays increase the number of blood cells in the body. It also strengthens the immune system.‘’early morning wake up’’ 
Compensation of Prayer: 
By morning we can pray with time restriction. In the morning, the recitation of the Qur'an is a habit, all day will pass through the shadow of God's mercy, and it will be a sufficient amount of time for each other.
Good morning habits for health, early morning wake up and Health, early morning wake up,

Sharp  Brain: 
Sleeping at night concord all the body fatigue and wake up early in the morning makes man's mind fresh. This is the best time for students to study, at that time the person does not forget the whole life. While people accuse them to wake up for a long time, their minds do not get relief completely and they suffer from depression as well as other psychotherapy.‘’early morning wake up’’ 
Exercise with fresh glow in the morning, bird chirp, floral fragrance and sunlight views, or exercise for at least twenty forty-five minutes, do not feel fatigue all day. Fresh oxygen goes into lungs when it gets sweat and sweeps rapidly, Fresh air is very useful for lungs. In the morning, the atmosphere is cleaned by the noise and pollution, so at that time the oxygen is found in sufficient amount. . Applying for exercise or walking habits early in the morning, body and brain are strong. At the moment, it is possible to protect many diseases like cholesterol, obesity. In Britain, people are recommended to exercise at least 150 minutes each week. Early morning people who take exercise are very save from sick.
Good morning habits for health, early morning wake up and Health, early morning wake up,
‘’early morning wake up’’ 

All tasks are completed at fixed time: 
All the work can be done at the time by day lighting in the morning. When there is no cheap and burden in body, all the work will be completed before time and so we will also be able to give some time to the family. Due to completion of work, the quality of our work will also improve.
 The morning breakfast is essential; it keeps the body active all day. The best and healthier breakfast does not suffer from body fatigue and cheap all day. Those who wake up late, often do not take the breakfast, or who do not even get up early in the morning, they get rid of unhealthy and unnatural. Slowly, his body becomes a measure of weaknesses and illnesses.‘’early morning wake up’’ 
Freshness of the skin:
 In the morning, not only does the body remain fatigue, but it is also clear and pure in the skin. Due to the fulfillment, the face remains fresh and the face appears to be shameless. On the wet grass in the morning, eyesight is sharp.
Good morning habits for health, early morning wake up and Health, early morning wake up,

Not Panic of Body:
 Man is due to tiredness of fat and plump due to lack of sleep. If we sleep early in the night, our sleep will be completed by the morning. According to doctors, eight hours sleep for the human body is enough to keep it active throughout the day. Sleep will not be fatigue but it will be done faster and less work will be done. Thus, temperamental anger, rage and cheap will also be removed.
Long-term awake losses: 
The way there is a lot of morning-to-day benefits, there are several losses of nighttime or sleeping late in the night. There are some damages that are in our knowledge, such as late night due to sleeping in the morning, late for college or office, not complete work time, getting rid of psychiatric depression, depression, prayer There is no delay in paying or performing prayers and there are some medical benefits which will pass through time as well as our knowledge, such as decrease in benevolence, circle, obesity, muscle weakness, etc.‘’early morning wake up’’ 
Good morning habits for health, early morning wake up and Health, early morning wake up,

Our body is like a machine; its want is full calm sleep and excellent diet. The lack of these two influences the function of our organs. To stay healthy, apply the habit of wake up early in the morning that it is beneficial to be helpful by Islamic, medical and social benefits.‘’early morning wake up’’ 

Early Morning Wake Up and Health

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