What is Hepatitis and Treatment

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‘’What is Hepatitis’’

Every day in the world, in some way, a global day is celebrated in some way or something, the global day of Hepatitis is celebrated 21st on July, it’s is viral disease that spreads due to a virus. The liver is swelled due to it and its functions are affected, the first reason for infection and other reasons is more use of medicines, toxins and alcohol. There is also a type of auto-ammonia hepatitis which has a significant amount of antibiotics in the body. It is born that produces the body against the liver, the liver is located towards the top of the stomach, and it is also in the body The main functions of the body that affect the body's metabolisms are liver functions as follows:

Distillation of bile production, toxins filtering, carbohydrates, and fatigue and protein dissolution, submitting gland coconut, caused by this type of viral infection of orthesis of protein liver divided into five different types of groups, Has been done.‘’What is Hepatitis’’

hepatitis ABCDE, hepatitis decease, hepatitis treatment, what hepatitis

Hepatitis A

It is the type of liver inflammation caused by toxic abuse, alcohol abuse and infection, it is a common type of hepatitis, according to the World Health Organization, around 1.5 million people suffer every year. Due to poor food and contaminated water, hepatitis A is not so dangerous; its symptoms are very obvious flu, fever, fatigue, anxiety in the body, stomach pain, diarrhea changes and diarrhea of ​​urine, the effects of change, weight loss, and eruption. The effects of the virus attack begin to appear after fifteen to fifty days. Hepatitis A this can affect people living in the same house, it is from food and water and it affects it by adding blood to the liver and causes it to spread. The following is the use of contaminated water. By adding face to face, not meditating in marriage, eating things made by the affected people, staying in pollution longer and more etc.‘’What is Hepatitis’’

According to the World Health Organization, children under the age of 10 are more likely to suffer in this disease, some symptoms of this are not entirely clear, to test hepatitis A for her full identification if it is not treated. The normal liver is a clear indication of discomfort and it mostly affects liver patients, preventing you from being able to be saved in the following ways:‘’What is Hepatitis’’

Vaccine in case of being affected or worried, always wash hands well before eating food, use clean water always, reduce fatty sours and vegetables, take some careful measures in your life and avoid this disease. But we do not take care of using our diet in our everyday life, due to which we are suffering from this disease.
hepatitis ABCDE, hepatitis decease, hepatitis treatment, what hepatitis

Hepatitis B
Hepatitis is five different types, but B and C are more dangerous and quickly change secondary levels every year, one million people effecter by this disease. ‘’What is Hepatitis’’

This disease spreads hepatitis B virus which is rapidly increasing in early times. But in secondary situations, it clearly shows its symptoms, the biggest cause of spreading it is blood, its symptoms of secondary appear after three months, and it spreads from the following things. From the use of infected syringe to children, from mother to children, due to intention, with the use of infected blades People suffering from diseases in different fields, suffer from disease due to some diseases such as hospitals and laboratories, people involved in kidney and secondary liver diseases,  patients aged sixty. Over the year.‘’What is Hepatitis’’

Symptoms of the early condition of hepatitis B spread rapidly in the elderly; following symptoms indicate that fatigue, deep urine urination, fever, stomach disorders, weaknesses, eyes and skin color etc. If you aware of these symptoms, please refer to your nearest doctor immediately after taking care of your symptoms.
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Lever Fungal Tests provide all the information about the liver, which is very easy to diagnose us, because in this we can find the level of enzymes in the liver, even by can getting information about the inferior liver.‘’What is Hepatitis’’

hepatitis ABCDE, hepatitis decease, hepatitis treatment, what hepatitis

Hepatitis C
It is a hepatitis that is born of liver inflammation and infection, both are the primary and secondary conditions. Today, the number of patients in our society is going to increase the number of days, due to which particular water is dirty. The use of liver functions greatly changes, due to which the liver fails.‘’What is Hepatitis’’

Hepatitis D
Hepatitis produces swelling in the liver which is caused by an infection; it affects inflammatory liver functions and also produces various types of diseases in the liver. Hepatitis B and D are almost identical but symptoms of hepatitis D Are less obvious.
hepatitis ABCDE, hepatitis decease, hepatitis treatment, what hepatitis

Hepatitis E
Hepatitis E spreads mostly of dirty water and environmental pollution and leads directly to the liver and plays an important role in defect liver.‘’What is Hepatitis’’

The first reason for the use of alcohol is to defy liver and damage the liver functions and liver sales and lead to liver services, and the second major reason is to make more than the maximum amount of medication and excessive use of hepatitis. In addition to this, there are a number of small reasons, due to which the liver functions arise due to causing hepatitis.‘’What is Hepatitis’’

The most dangerous hepatitis are B and C which do not have an initial sign, their symptoms are clear after the effects of liver infection occur in the form of hepatitis estimates the nature of the disease from the following symptoms on the patient. Fatigue, flu, deep urine yellow pancreatic, stomach or abdominal pain, sudden weight loss, and irritation etc.
hepatitis ABCDE, hepatitis decease, hepatitis treatment, what hepatitis

The doctor will examine your physics first and will take your history to diagnose hepatitis quickly, which will cause you pain, which is a sign of increased liver in the stomach. The eye and the skin's skin will examine if the eyes and skin color is yellow, it is clear that you have been exposed to hepatitis, the doctor will test you more in order to see it more deeply.‘’What is Hepatitis’’

To avoid hepatitis, we must adhere to the hygiene principles, we should wash hands well before eating food and always use clean water for our use because most of the hepatitis is caused by the use of contaminated water. Fry with rotten fruits and vegetable Hepatitis B, C and D cause blood transfusion, so give blood and take care carefully while using it and save yourself from the used syringe, shaving blades, toothpaste and contaminated blood. By adopting various precautionary measures, we can make ourselves and this dangerous disease to others it can be protected from effects that can make everyone happy and beautiful.‘’What is Hepatitis’’

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What is Hepatitis and treatment 

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