Ebola Virus Disease Treatment and Its Precautions

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Ebola virus

‘’Ebola virus’’Ebola virus disease, or Ebola hemorrhagic fever, is a severe illness that happens in humans and non-human primates and can often be fatal. This disease is produced by the Ebola virus of the Filoviridae family. It was first realized in 1976 in both the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Sudan. More recently, an outbreak has created from West Africa, and is one of the largest Ebola virus outbreaks in history. It is not presently an imminent threat to the United States.‘’Ebola virus’’

A collection of people who are at high risk of contracting this Ebola virus is usually families living the same House with the sufferers and those who care for victims such as medical officer. If any members of your family were allegedly suffering from Ebola virus, you should not take care of her own at home and directly took him to the hospital.‘’Ebola virus’’

In the treatment, the conditions of Ebola virus sufferers will be monitored carefully. A medical examination will also be held on a regular basis because they stay potentially transmit the disease during blood and liquid body still contain viruses.

The atmosphere around people with contaminated Ebola virus also risks transmitting the illness. For example, clothing, sheets, and used syringe sufferers. Therefore, families, as well as the medical officer who treated Ebola virus sufferers, need to increase vigilance and maximized protection is used.

Ebola virus can survive outside the body for quite a few days, including on the skin of sufferers. Thus, the tradition of burial which necessitates family or close friends to bathe the corpses of Ebola virus infecting potentially also. Family and medical officers are advised to handle the bodies of Ebola virus sufferers with maximum defense. The procedure of burial should preferably be submitted to the parties who are trained and experienced in dealing with similar occasions.‘’Ebola virus’’

ebola virus,ebola,ebola,virus,ebola virus disease,ebola virus symptoms,what is ebola virus,ebola vaccine, ebola virus treatment,

In difference to the case of the flu or chicken pox are transmitted through saliva in the air, Ebola virus sufferer’s body fluids require direct contacts to infectious. Droplets of saliva or nasal secretions Ebola virus sufferers who were accidentally sneezing or coughing can only transmit the virus if exposed to the nose, eyes, mouth, and open wounds. Consequently, transmission of Ebola through coughing or sneezing include rare.

Indications of  Ebola Virus Disease

The incubation era (the time between the entry of the Ebola virus into the body until the first symptoms appear) of Ebola virus disease is about 2 to 21 days. Please keep in mind that the Ebola virus only began to happen when the signs have already emerged.

Approximately early symptoms which indicate the disease will strike unexpectedly. Signs the indications include :

A headache.
Feeling very lethargic.
Pain in muscles and joints.
A sore throat.

After the above indications, symptoms will appear further in the form of :

Abdominal pain.
The rash.
Disorders of the liver and kidney function.
Bleeding in the body that occasionally comes out through the mouth, nose, eyes, or ears.‘’Ebola virus’’

Ebola virus can spread rapidly and very deadly, so avoid contact direct contact with sufferers. If you doubtful you or any members of your family are infected with Ebola virus, directly encountered a doctor to undergo examination.

Diagnosis of Ebola Virus

The hard diseases including Ebola Virus are detected because the Indications initially are similar to other circumstances, such as malaria and cholera. Diagnosis of viral infections due to this can only be determined through examination by the laboratory.

To confirm the diagnosis, the doctor will recommend a unique examination of the Ebola Virus through the blood and fluid from the patient's figure. Besides, the consequences of infection test blood tests also regularly indicate the number of white blood cells and platelets are low, as well as increased stages of liver enzymes.

ebola virus,ebola,ebola,virus,ebola virus disease,ebola virus symptoms,what is ebola virus,ebola vaccine, ebola virus treatment,

Ebola Virus Treatment

After Ebola Virus was diagnosed with positive, patients will undergo intensive cure in the hospital. Handling is quick, and precise medical is a significant key to increasing the chances of salvation.‘’Ebola virus’’

Haven't found a treatment for the Ebola Virus is eradicated. However, research continued to find a vaccine and effective medicine to treat this illness.

Cures are performed only aims to support the patient's immune system against the Ebola Virus. Patients will usually receive fluids through an IV drip to prevent dehydration. During the body combat the Ebola Virus disease, blood pressure, oxygen levels in the blood, as well as the functions of the organs of the patient's figure should be preserved to the maximum possible.

Ebola Virus Precautions

Early Ebola Virus transmission is through communication with an infected animal species occurs directly on the sufferer. Here are approximately steps that we can do to prevent and limit the spread of the Ebola Virus:

Find out data about the Ebola Virus as many.

If any member of your family or those around you who may be infected with Ebola Virus, directly bring them to undergo examinations and cure in hospital.
Evade sexual intercourse with Ebola Virus sufferers without the use of safety devices (condoms). Some studies show that the Ebola Virus was still detected in liquid cement man, even until many months after the men were declared recovered from Ebola Virus.

Continuously wash your hands with SOAP and water. The liquid is alcohol-based hand cleaners are also obliging.‘’Ebola virus’’

Evade direct contact with the skin, blood, and body fluids of the patient.
Do not hold the objects around the patient, for illustration, clothing, or bedding.
The corpses of Ebola Virus sufferers should be handled with extreme protection and by trained and experienced in handling similar cases.

Avoid travel to areas with high cases of Ebola Virus.

If you are in areas that are at risk of transmitting Ebola Virus, evade contact with animals that could potentially pass it on, including meat or blood. For example, the fruit-eaters bat or advanced and a monkey.‘’Ebola virus’’

ebola virus,ebola,ebola,virus,ebola virus disease,ebola virus symptoms,what is ebola virus,ebola vaccine, ebola virus treatment,

Washing and peeling fruits and vegetables before eating.
Cooking meat animals and vegetables until thoroughly cooked before eating.

Exact to the medical officer, some preventive measures should be taken to minimize the risk of contracting Ebola Virus. Among other things:

Be cautious when handling blood, body fluids, catheters, as well as when installing an infusion enduring.
Please use maximum defense, for example, by wearing a mask, gloves, and defensive glasses and clothes.‘’Ebola virus’’

Continuously wash your hands, particularly after direct contact with the skin of the patient. Include blood, body fluids, and the objects about the patient.
Evade the ritual cleansing of the dead body without wearing the proper protective tools.

Dispose of disposable medical gear, such as syringes, carefully.

Isolate the Ebola Virus patients or suspected of suffering from Ebola Virus in a special room and limit the number of visitors is as minimal as possible.

Ebola virus

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